I was out at a farm last week and learned something new from a woman who loved her garden and used to have a mole problem.  Locate both tunnel entrances and place one square of chew-able chocolate Exlax in each opening.  Fill it back in slightly to be sure the mole only gets it.  The dose is enough to rid you of the varmint but not to harm household pets and is much safer than poisons.  Now this is my version of her description as to how this is done, she had a much more crude and comical way of telling it, but judging by the triumphant look on her face I’d say it works with a high success ratio!  Maybe it’s a tip you can use!

As I travel the rural Northwest as a mobile farrier, I hear many interesting stories and bits of sage advice.  This topic is where I will share the ones that grab my attention and I think are worth sharing.  Thanks for reading and take care!