Wordless Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

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Wordless Wednesday, Jan 25, 2012


Wordless Wednesday, Sept 7th, 2011

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Late August Evening

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Such a beautiful night that a trip to the post office turned out to be a lucky photo op!  Harvest season is one of my personal times of year.  Hope everyone enjoys the pics!

Backroads on a Summer Day

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Decided to take a day off yesterday before starting college again and thank goodness for the much needed time off- who doesn’t enjoy a week with no Monday at work?  It makes me feel lucky that when I get a day off, I don’t have to jam in a bunch of things or go to the city and have a fancy dinner..  Had a great day poking along the Snake River eating blackberries right off the bush, cruising the back farm roads and letting the dogs run and swim.  And finished off with a Rib-eye steak right off the grill for dinner to top it all off.   Harvest season is slowly coming in here after a very late and wet planting season, but we’re all hoping the weather holds for our local farmers.  It was a beautiful day, though and now the inside of my truck looks like a sandbox, but we got some great pictures and had a lot of fun.