Horse Humor

I live my life around horses and folks who do the same, and as such I hear a lot of horse related jokes.  Do you have one you’d like to share?  If so, please feel free to send it to me!  Thanks.


Did you hear about the farmer over in Iowa?  Well he has an old mule and the farmer always told his wife to stay out of the corral because it had a kicking problem.  One day for some reason or another she went in the corral and sure enough, that mule stretched out, kicked her in the head, and killed her on the spot!  A couple days later as they laid her to rest the farmer was standing with one of his closest friends.  His friend commented on the very large crowd that had attended and said “Dang, I had no idea your wife was so popular!”.  The farmer shook his head and said “Nope, it ain’t that, all those fellers just wanted to know if the mule was for sale!”.


A travelling salesman was driving down a dirt road when his car sputtered and died, coasting to a stop near a barnyard.  He stepped out and opened the hood searching for the problem.  As he was under the hood, he heard an eerie voice say “It’s the carburetor..”.  The salesman straightened up quickly looking around for the source of the voice.  There was no one to be seen except an old mule standing in the shade of the barn.  Puzzled he went back to looking under the hood.  Again, the voice rasped “It’s the carburetor…”.  Once again, there was no one to be seen besides the mule.  The salesman decided to walk to the farmhouse down the road and upon reaching it he knocked on the door.  An old farmer answered his knock and the salesman explained that his car had broken down.  He then told the farmer about the voice he had heard to which the farmer remarked “Oh that’s just the mule!  Don’t pay any attention to him, he don’t know anything about cars!”.


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